Friday, December 26, 2014

Your passport safety

This is an excellent tip i.e. to always insert your e-mail address in your passport on the  address page.

Read on to know why.
For all the frequent flyers......
Do check this one out....

This is an incident that occurred at the airport yesterday.
A passenger with an American passport, changed money, and in the process left his passport and boarding pass on my counter. As it was placed on the side, where my monitor blocks the view; it remained there for over 20 minutes; when the next customer brought it to my attention. I went outside, to search for him but to no avail.

The passport was well worn, with numerous visas, including Japan.
He had travelled from Narita to LAX. The page in the (U.S.) passport where one can write home address and third party contact was blank.

All there was his e-mail address.
I e-mailed him a brief message, including my phone number.
He turned up about a half hour later, profoundly grateful.
He was blissfully unaware that his passport was missing!
He was checking his e-mail in the cab when he saw the mail I had sent. So he turned the cab around and came back to the airport to collect it. He works in Japan and his work permit was attached to the Japanese visa in the passport. He was in the US only for a week.

In retrospect it is evident that even if he had written his address in the passport, it would not have helped. Even a phone number is not much help, as a finder may not be willing to call long distance, if "found" in another country.

An e-mail, any one would send, from any place; and you can access your e-mail from anywhere in the world, when you are travelling!

Therefore PLEASE WRITE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR PASSPORT; it can really "save your bacon" someday!

I am mailing this to everybody that I can think of.


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