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I Will Follow Him

Little Peggy March *

Peggy March

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Peggy March (born Margaret Annemarie Battavio, March 8, 1948,Lansdale, Pennsylvania)[1] is an American pop singer. She is primarily known for her 1963 million-selling song "I Will Follow Him".[2]
She was discovered at age thirteen singing at her cousin's wedding[2] and was introduced to the record producer partnership Hugo & Luigi. They gave her the nickname Little Peggy March because she was only 4 ft 9 in (1.45 m) tall, she was only 13, the record she did with them was "Little Me," and her birthday was in March.[3]

On April 24, 1963,[4] her single "I Will Follow Him" soared to number one on theU.S. charts.[1] She recorded the song in early January 1963 and it was released on January 22, when she was only 14.[1] March became the youngest female artist with a number one hit, at 15, in late April 1963, a record that still stands for the Billboard Hot 100. The recording also reached number one inAustralia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and Scandinavia. It was a translation of the French song "Chariot" recorded a year earlier by Petula Clark.[1]


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